Red bridge road

One of my friends has seen the photos I have taken recently, and she wanted to learn as well. We took a trip with another friend to a place called red bridge road. We took pictures by a meadow right about as the sun was setting. Here are some of the pictures that I took. … Continue reading Red bridge road



I've learned a ton about photography these last few months. I'm still just an amateur, but I've definitely improved. Honestly, I expected to fail at photography. Aperture wasn't even a word in my vocabulary. Shutter speed made sense to me, but I definitely didn't know how to adjust it or get an even close to … Continue reading Photobook

Photo contests

Animals Photo Contest Photographers enter contest, right? I decided to enter a few contests with some photos I've taken in the last few months. For this first photo, there really wasn't very much editing needed. The color scheme worked out perfectly, so the only thing I really needed to do was up the vibrance to … Continue reading Photo contests