Package Redesign

There are so many times I pass over something in the store only to pick the brand next to it because of the design. Package design has so much to do with why we buy things. Honestly, I hear roommates and friends say all the time that they bought something because it looked cool, not because it was cheap. I decided to try my hand at designing a package.

Before starting on this package redesign, I looked on Pinterest for ideas. I looked at other examples of package redesign. After a trip to WalMart, I finally settled on a bottle of Marketside Orange Juice.

This packaging looked fine, but it didn’t pop. Based on their decorations, it seemed that their intended audience was maybe a woman. I really couldn’t tell, though. This needed a firmer decision on the audience and marketing.

The intended audience is a slightly health-conscious mom who wants her children to eat healthier. Because I know that children have a large power over what products we choose, I decided to look for what a child would be attracted to. Bright colors is the first thing that came to mind.

Some inspiration

“One of our assignments was to redesign the packaging for De Cecco, a famous brand of pasta. The brand takes pride in their high quality pasta and Italian heritage. Because De Cecco is so well known and familiar to many, I decided to keep the original logo to offset the very modern redesign. A large window was chosen to emphasize the product while the rustic box and sticker label mimic the homemade packaging of fresh pasta.”

Clay soaps are amazing. They work wonderfully as facial soaps, body, and/or shaving bars due to their silky, smooth, luxurious texture. They also contain essential minerals which nourish and revitaliz


Color scheme

I began with the color scheme with my audience in mind. I knew I wanted to have bright colors that would attract kids.


After a bit of drafting, I put this together. It was pretty similar to how the orange juice looked originally, and I hadn’t really thought out of the box yet.


As you can see, I didn’t start on the right foot necessarily. It usually takes me about a million times give or take to get something I like. That’s the design process, though. I even toyed with the idea of decorative lines and frills, but luckily decided against it.



After a lot of critique and reworking, I finally arrived at this. This is meant to be put on a circular bottle with the top differentiating this particular bottle as pulp free.


Final thoughts

Overall, I like the simplicity of this design. A main draw of the design is that it focuses on the audience intended. The bright colors and simplicity make it something a kid would beg their mom to get.


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