Infographics are everywhere nowadays (especially on Pinterest). I decided it was time to try my hand at creating one.

Honestly, the hardest part about this infographic was trying to find a topic to go with. After a few brainstorming sessions, I finally decided on going with an infographic on bananas. Personally, I love bananas. I haven’t seen any infographics on any specific foods, and there are some interesting facts about bananas.

Using Illustrator, I created a few vector graphics to illustrate my facts. After creating the graphics, I put everything together in Illustrator.





The only parts I did not create were photos taken from Unsplash, a free photo site. The vectors, I created myself.



Color scheme


Problems and solutions

The biggest problem I came across was the spacing in the second section. I knew what I wanted to include as the graphics and text, but I didn’t know how to compose it.

I messed with the placements a bit and resized a lot, but I finally found a composition I’m comfortable with.

My first attempt needed some major changes. I changed the font to invoked more of a jungle-like feel. I also added a jungle background instead of a plain one that I had before. As well, I altered the bar graph to have bananas instead of simple bars.



All of these aspects came together to form this final product.

Find this infographic on Pinterest.


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