Reverse Engineer: Social Media Advertisement

While perusing Pinterest, an ad caught my attention. This ad is hidden well by the nature of Pinterest’s feed, and I almost didn’t notice it. It is for a Spiralizer from Amazon (boxed in red).

When I clicked on the picture to make it bigger, it took me straight to the page on

The main purpose for this ad is obviously to convince me to purchase a spiralizer. Surprisingly, this is something I might buy. They targeted me pretty well, probably based on the pins I save on Pinterest.

The effective targeting is one of the strengths of this ad. Another would be how natural it looked on the feed. Typically, I scroll past pictures without so much as a glance at the descriptions. Because this picture was targeted well, it looked like a pin I would naturally see on my feed.

One of the weaknesses, however, is that while this looks like something I would be interested in buying, the ad doesn’t catch my attention. Like I said, I scrolled right past.

If there was something more of value to me, I would probably pause to look at it. For example, they could have linked to a post like “3 dishes created entirely from a spiralizer.” I would have clicked on something like that because of the value it gives me. I would also be more likely to purchase the equipment because they would have convinced me in the post that I needed this spiralizer.

As far as the design goes, they use a minimalist look to advertise. The white is emphasized with a few pops of color. This might have been to help it blend in or to attract the eye to the stars of the show.

Using Pinterest metrics, Amazon could see how many daily impressions, daily viewers, monthly viewers, and monthly engaged they had. These would help to see the engagement compared to the views. This would tell you exactly how successful the ad was.


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