Brand Identity – Logo

While building a professional portfolio, I wanted to be sure I started off with a logo that described my personality and design skills. This had to be a logo that was versatile enough to use across all platforms.


I began with sketching. The sketches alone showed the process I went through in my mind. I start with sketches based off my initials. That morphed into cameras. None of these sketches sat right with me. They were lacking something, and I couldn’t figure out what. After hitting a roadblock, I talked with a mentor, and he mentioned that I should add personality to my logo. This logo should describe me, and if I’m not a tight-buttoned person, I shouldn’t make my logo that way. I took this to mean that I shouldn’t push professionalism and straight lines into my design to fit a mold when I am fun-loving and love curved lines.

My sketches took a turn toward hobbies of mine. I made a list of things I liked and tried to form sketches from those. Eventually, I morphed the fact that I am vegan to bananas (I LOVE bananas). This morphed into my nickname, Annah banana. Finally, I added a computer aspect because I love blogging and social media.

First Round of drafts

I took these final sketches and started creating vectors from them. Here are drafts of three logos.


I further refined the wifi logo to become this.

Honestly, I was really happy with this. I liked the clean look. After getting more critique, I decided that I needed to go another route. The wifi symbol didn’t represent exactly what I wanted it to. I needed a logo that would complement my social media and content creation background.

Back to the drawing board

Back to sketching.

I liked the message bubble and pen because of what they represented.

I thought the edges were too sharp for the flexibility I was looking for, so I softened them into curves and changed the color slightly.

The final product



Final Thoughts

After a lot of work and pitfalls, I finally created a logo that represents my brand identity. The color orange represents the creativity and optimism I show in my designs and work. As well, the soft edges show that I’m not as rigid as some. The pen and message bubble also emphasize my interest in writing content and managing social media. Overall, I’m excited how this turned out.



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