Ranking and Link Building

Link Building Strategy

Who and When?

  1. I’ll do most of the work.
  2. Those I reach out to (other small bloggers trying to make a name for themselves). This will be around the end of July.


What and How?

  1. First, I want to improve my content so it is share-worthy.
  2. Reach out manually to people. Create a “pod” or bloggers who will like and comment on my posts while I do the same for them.


Where will the links be gathered?

  1. The links will be gathered in AuthorCrawl and a spreadsheet that I update regularly.


Google Anayltics

It was interesting looking at the analytics. I have had sessions from Canada, India, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Japan, and a couple more countries. Within the United States, it varies widely. 16 percent of sessions came from Idaho. California and Texas were next with 15.08 percent and 8.62 percent.

My top five keywords were “stickers for,” “sticker sticker,” “of stickers,” “buy stickers,” and “sticker cost.” These are bringing the right traffic. If it was bad traffic, I would see a high bounce rate, but I’m actually seeing a very low bounce rate. All of them have a 0 percent bounce except “sticker sticker” with 3.23 percent (still very low). I also think these are working because the average page views per session are 2.64. That means people are staying long enough to look around a bit. As well, it takes about 3 pages to buy the product.


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