Social Media Optimization

With Pure Living, my blog, I have a lot of goals for it. The product page is only a small part of where I want this project to go. Eventually, I would love to have eBooks, planners, and a few other things on the page. I’ve toyed with the idea of having different products that I love on one page that I can link to Amazon. I’ve heard of Amazon paying for the affiliate link to their site. I wouldn’t have to worry about shipping, handling, anything. Basically, I would just be sending people to the product but still get a cut.

How I’ll gain a following so that the affiliates work, comes in the form of social media. As far as social media, I want to use primarily Instagram. This is the platform much of my audience will be using. They will be using Facebook as well, and I may use that later. However, to begin, I want to focus on Instagram so as not to overwhelm myself.

With Instagram, I would focus on creating content that would interest readers and bring awareness to my products. As well, because I want to have affiliates, my products would include posts. Instagram would be a way to bring new viewers to my blog as maintain the viewers I already have. As such, the posts would be snippets of longer blog posts with links to them.

They have a limited analytics page. As well, I would use Google Analytics to track where my traffic comes from. Hopefully, Instagram would be higher because I’m working on enhancing that.

Here is how my timeline for this project would look:

  1. Build content for blog.
  2. Post on Instagram when those blogs go up.
  3. Keep side projects going to use as products.
  4. Gain affiliates.
  5. Repeat forever.

This is really a project that I want to get going with. I feel that this could create a lot of growth for me personally. I’d learn writing skills, how to build social media followings, and how to build a brand.

To market using Instagram, I want to create posts featuring content on my blog. This will hopefully encourage people to visit my blog. As well, I feel that the click-through rate will increase because I’m more genuine to the viewer. All of the sudden, I’m a real person rather than an impersonal writer.

My steps to maximizing Instagram:

  1. Post killer content.
  2. Build a following by consistently posting.
  3. Look at Instagram analytics and Google analytics.
  4. Analyze which posts are doing best and why.

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