Photo contests

Animals Photo Contest

Photographers enter contest, right? I decided to enter a few contests with some photos I’ve taken in the last few months. For this first photo, there really wasn’t very much editing needed. The color scheme worked out perfectly, so the only thing I really needed to do was up the vibrance to make the colors stand out a bit more.

I chose to enter the “Animals” photocrowd contest because of this picture specifically. I really liked how it turned out. As well, the contests are free to enter. There is no prize, but they will post on their website the winners, so there is recognition.

Here’s the photo (submitted June 29, 2017):


The Colour Yellow

I decided to enter this contest from as well. I chose this again because of the photo I wanted to submit. As well, there was a $50 store credit to Black Rapid, a camera gear company.

The edits were vibrance, clarity, contrast, exposure, and blur.

Here’s the photo (submitted June 29, 2017):


Levitation Photo Contest

For the last contest, I wanted to submit a photo that was a little more interesting. I really wanted to submit one of my levitation photos from Bannack. Luckily, I found a contest called “Levitation (Human Only)” on photocrowd and entered the photo.

Here’s the photo (submitted July 5, 2017):


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