Ad Quality and Google Analytics

Ad Quality

There are a lot of things you can do to increase your quality score. One thing is to add specificity by using ad groups. Google loves specificity. For example, add to that specificity Google loves by separating your products by holidays or color. Not only will you please Google, but you will connect with the people that will be more likely to engage and convert.

Another thing you can do to increase your score is by using a simple call-to-action. Inviting is more likely to receive results than just spreading awareness. Remember that the reason you want them to come to your site is to buy something. Make sure they know that.

One last thing they can do is to test out multiple ads. Some ad that you think is going to fail might end up doing well. It is useful to switch them out every once and a while. See which ones are more effective and evaluate why they are.

Quality scores are determined by the expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and the landing page experience. Being more specific will improve ad relevance. Adding a call-to-action can help with the clickthrough rate. Testing out more ads will improve both of those. All three of these ideas help to improve at least one of those areas, therefore, it will help to increase the quality score.


Google Analytics

Linking Google Analytics to AdWords ended up being a lot easier than I expected. A great resource is I followed it exactly, and I worked perfectly for me.

I really feel that Google Analytics will make any business more successful if they use it correctly. Every business needs to know whether their marketing is being successful. I’m a fan of stats because they tell you so much. Obviously, you have to figure out “why”, but it tells you the “what” so you aren’t blindly marketing. If I know that one ad is generating more conversions than another, then I should use more of that ad or more like it. This is essential to a successful business.


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