Ads and Ad Groups

Creating an ad takes a lot more thought than I had originally anticipated. There are specific guidelines Google expects you to follow in order to post an ad. Here are some of the guidelines.

Headline 1      30 characters max

Headline 2      30 characters max

Description     80 characters max

Path (2)             15 characters max each


Based off these and past knowledge, here is the ad I came up with.


Custom stickers – Laptops, bumpers, notebooks

Get vinyl bumper stickers, laptop stickers, and small icons for planners.


After receiving some feedback, I realized that I should change the second headline to clarify that there are car bumper stickers rather than just having the words “laptops, bumpers, notebooks.” Someone also suggested adding a call to action. As well, the path (URL) is a little too long. Here is the rewritten ad.


Custom stickers – For Laptops, car bumpers, notebooks

Get your bumper stickers, laptop stickers, small icons for planners, and more.


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