Bannack State Park – Creative Photos

These photos took a bit more thought than the others. With the portraits and fine art, I just went with what I thought was beautiful. It almost came as second nature. With these, I had to plan a bit more. For the levitation photo, I had a model pose on her back on a table. I looked for one of my friends with fairly tight clothing because I didn’t want the clothing to look like it was hitting the table. I took the photo on a tripod then removed everything from the room and took another in the exact same spot of the plain background. I masked out the table in photoshop and added a vignette and other small edits.

With the out-of-the-box picture, I tried to do something that no one had done before. There was a large mirror in the saloon we took pictures at. I decided to take the picture of a model in the mirror, showing a twin of sorts in the mirror.

For the conceptual photo, I knew I wanted to make a statement. I’ve been thinking lately a lot about the masks people put on. I took this picture through a window to play on the idea that people see us through a filter.









View my portraits taken on this trip here.

View my fine art photos here.


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