Site design guidelines and credit card payments

Site Design

This week was useful for both design and functionality. At the beginning of the week, I looked at two different websites that most closely match the vision for my online business. I compared these two sites ( and Here are five similarities I found:

  1. Both these sites are part of a blog. The blog is the landing page while the store is just another page on the site. I really think that the blog solidifies the brand and message to the audience. The blog gets the attention of the reader, and the store allows an invitation to act.
  2. They are very simple in design and minimalistic. This helps the appeal of the page but also keeps the efficiency.
  3. Both e-commerce pages seem easy and instinctive to use. This is probably because it helps more people make it through the e-commerce process.
  4. The shop is one of the few tabs in the navigation. This keeps things simple and readers engaged.
  5. The color schemes use a lot of white space and simple colors. They don’t overcomplicate things. Readers can focus on the purpose of the site, not the color of the background.

After comparing these two, I remembered one site that I really admire. is a site that I see as very successful. This has the same similarities that the other two share, but I think it looks more professional. There isn’t quite as much white space, so it looks like they have a lot to offer. At the same time, it uses enough white space to keep it simple. The navigation is simple to use.

In my own site, I’m going to use these same design principles but alter them to my needs.


Credit Card Payments

Before I get too far into designing my site, I know it is really important to find a great credit card payment system.

Here are a few questions I considered as I was deciding on a payment system:

  • Is it always secure for both the buyer and seller?
  • Is there a fee for using PayPal?
  • Will the information stay on my computer so someone other than me can sign in and purchase stuff?
  • Does PayPal work with every browser?

PayPal seems pretty secure, and it is commonly used. I think somewhere around 18% of transactions online are through PayPal. That’s a ton! After some research, I found that PayPal is the way I want to go.


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