Choosing a Site Builder and Site Host

Choosing a site builder

When it came to deciding on which site builder to use, the decision was actually really easy for me. I have worked with WordPress before, and I love the functionality I gain from it. As well, I know a little HTML and CSS and can make tweaks to the site when needed. I don’t like the drag and drop sites as well because there is little control over the HTML. If I want to make a box slightly taller or the font smaller, I can do that easily with WordPress, but I can’t on many drag and drop sites.

As well, the pricing for WordPress is actually minimal because I already have a membership. Another perk that makes it more worthwhile, is its future uses. WordPress is the standard site builder for communication. This is something that I should be intimately working with, especially in my future internships and career.

I also looked a little into using Joomla. From the looks of it, it seems like a pretty steep learning curve, but it still has a lot of the features I am looking for. This is used for a website more than a blog, which could be useful. Joomla is free to use as well. As far as I could tell, Joomla allows HTML and CSS manipulation as well.

The last site builder I looked at Squarespace. I’m a little disappointed that it doesn’t include access to plugins like WordPress and Joomla, but the aesthetics are phenomenal. It would be easy to produce a beautiful website really fast.

In the end, I have to go with WordPress. First of all, I already have a membership through WordPress, but also, it offers a lot of versatility when it comes to building the website. In addition, if I have any problems, I trust the support center to help with any issues I have.


Choosing a host

Bluehost has to be my hosting company of choice. I’ve used them for a while, and I really trust that no matter what happens to my site, they will help me resolve the problem. I have already had to call for help, and they solved it efficiently. For me, support means everything, especially as I’m first starting. I need someone reliable that can help me when I need it. While the price could definitely be better, and I have to buy 3 years at a time, it’s still a good price for the support and reliability it provides.

It seems that BlueHost is not the best economic choice, but I’ve been with BlueHost since February, and their service is really great. I never feel like I have to worry about my website, and when a problem arises, I can call them. They solved my problem right away. I haven’t tried the online chat, but the in-person calling is great. I’m sticking with BlueHost mostly because I’m already signed up, but I also am really happy with my choice.


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